how about ceramics,
my father had said .   .         .

there are freesias in the garden
(k says they're always out around my birthday)
and we saw poppies in the fields,


we also love the spring of weeds 
the ones we pick near the woods after school
to watch them burst their pods open
right here on our table.



tiny unglazed earthenware pinch pots -
i'm loving the feel of moist clay in my palms, between my fingers.



some almond blossom for you as promised,
dear olga

there was pine and cedar and pops of white and pink
as we climbed towards the mountains this weekend

and winter was still clinging on at the top.



as her doll, yuki


miss acacia

carnival transformations   .  .    .    



the snowman's gift, still  .  .     .


a. picked some spring in the park . .    .



a friday afternoon treat:
mediterranean snow

a. had a hard time leaving her snowman behind,
there were lots of cold hugs and frozen kisses  * *    *



intimacy, companionship, consolation
all to be found around a tiny cup of coffee 

and children's laughter momentarily keeping 
the difficult world at bay