back home now
with a head full of memories:
our home, the friends, the family, the forests, the farms
the gardens, the parks, the castles,
the 20 degrees
of england

and you? hope you've been well.



early saturday morning
tiny flames of light on the water
a quick swim + sandcastle

wishing you a good week *



cherries  +  new scuffs  +  ladybird tattoos

we're going back to the sea
a wonderful weekend to you.



k was back in rabat for a few days
a cool breeze was blowing in from the atlantic 
and everybody was playing football . .   .

+ i keep trying to imagine what it must be like
to make a living out of a little blue boat
with a carpet in it.



i'm not very good
at letting go of last year's shoes
so many ordinary adventures in those scuffs


a small indoor garden growing .  .     .



thank you for all the kind comments/emails
they really helped


to distract ourselves a bit we went to the sea  
the first (late) dip of the year



1999 - 2014

goodbye mr cat, best friend
it was a privilege to share our life and home with you.

he now sleeps under the rosemary bush
+ our hearts are broken.